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Numerous studies have been done about business performance and suitable competitive advantage of industrial firms since they are determined by the firm’s profitability rate. The purpose of this study is to identify fundamental factors affecting business performance and gaining sustainable competitive advantage of industrial firms. Based on available documentations and the researches done in this respect, the associations of these factors are studied. The explanation of the considerable effect of market orientation on innovation is one of the most significant findings of this paper. In research literature, market orientation has been recognized as the main factor in forming innovation and improving business performance. Another result disclosed by this article is the notable effect of innovation on business performance in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. The mediating role of learning orientation between the market orientation and innovation is another important aspect of this research. Finally, based on documents and researches in this field, the relation among the main components including market orientation, innovation, business performance and sustainable competitive advantages is presented in a form of conceptual model; also its application is stated.


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