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After notifying (conveying) the comprehensive map in the last days of 1389, a possibility has been provided for the experts to suggest the opportunities to improve the map in upcoming editions despite its strong points and apart from political discussions. In this paper, after reviewing some definitions and studying the history of the scientific maps of Iran and the world, strong points in brief and the opportunities to improve the map in future in detail are pointed out. It is tried to quote the other experts’ opinions critically and to reflect as far as possible the different views involved in this respect. Finally, after critical study of the conceivable areas for improvement, some opportunities are identified in this respect which the two most important of them are as follows: firstly, considering the science and technology policy as the consequence of industrial one, and trying to ratify a coherent industrial policy and then from which the technology and science priorities resulted instead of obtaining them through referendum and the like. Even if we decide to refer to experts’ referendum in order to realize these priorities, large and national or research Delphi techniques are necessary. Secondly, according to the leadership of defense industry, the required areas for overflowing the science and technology from defensive sector to business institutes should be provided.


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