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The expansion and upgrading of R&D activities “especially industrial ones” requires the knowledge of the effective factors in this respect, the design of the policies, and the effectiveness mechanism of these activities. In competitive conditions of today’s industrial world, one of the most effective activities that business firms managers can refer to, is R&D ones. The costs devoted to these activities are increasing daily in industrial countries. This research is an applied one, and it proceeds to study about the impact of personal, supportive, technological, external, internal, and organizational components in composed pattern and the ranking of their effects.
In this paper, after reviewing the related literature among the domestic and foreign books and papers, all the explained patterns in the process of new product development in the field of nanotechnology are studied. Finally, 55 factors effective on the process in 6 personal, interorganizational, extraorganizational, supportive, technological, and commercialization dimensions in the form of questionnaire are given to 43 experts in R&D and innovation in the fields related to nanotechnology. The questionnaires were studied through structural equations and the method of partial least squares (PLS); and after determining the weights of the factors and removing the less important ones, and also determining the weight of each index, the effective factors in the process of product development in this field were specified. Then, the ranking and the rate of factors importance in the process in the field of nanotechnology are done by using the outputs of PLS and SPSS software.


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