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In the present conceptual era, the rapid rate of technology changes causes the inventions outbreak in different scientific and technological levels and fields. There is no sense to wealth and technology production until the inventions enter the market. In this respect, the technology valuation is one of the effective factors in inventions commercialization which has a lot of complexities in technology market considering its exclusive characteristics. The evidences of the complexity and the way of valuation in the market include having specific customers, available exclusive services and products in this field, and available technological and professional specifications of the products. Since the technology has partially a value of quality, it would be more difficult to change it to quantity and to transform it into money unit. Another point is that neither all the effective factors on technology price are specified, nor their effectiveness in determining it is evident
In this research, the recognition, explanation, and weighting the cost factors are done by semi-structured interview with the experts and using AHP method; as a result of this project, the primary, reproduction, transfer and attraction, and know- how selections costs, are respectively the four factors resulted according to priority.


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