Document Type : Research Paper



Organizational ambidexterity is a combination of exploration and exploitation which describes organizations’ behavior in reaching to a high level of this combination. It allows the technology-based organizations to be effective in managing their todays’ demands while to achieve the required flexibility for adapting to the new challenges and opportunities in the environment. As the ultimate decision makers, the senior management teams (SMT) of technology-based organizations perform the main role in establishing organizational ambidexterity. The behavioral integration of the SMT of these organizations indicating the cumulative interactions of their members, facilitates the organization move towards ambidexterity and the achievement of optimum organizational performance.
The aim of this article is to present a conceptual framework of the behavioral integration role of the SMT of technology-based organizations in establishing organizational ambidexterity. In collecting the materials from the viewpoint of research procedure, the library, documentary, and descriptive methods are used to clarify the subjects; and it is proceeded to study the connection between the behavioral integration of the SMT of technology-based organizations and the establishment of organizational ambidexterity. Finally, a conceptual framework of the role of the former in establishing the latter is presented through the exploration method.