Document Type : Research Paper



Many factors influence on innovation process; and considering the specific nature of innovation and its natural characteristics, it is affected by different factors inside and outside of the organization which have great influence on the way of managing this process. Thus, for better and more efficient management and leadership of the innovation process, the recognition of the effective factors and the study of the organizations’ present status with respect to each of these factors and the related indices are required. In this paper, based on eight dimensions including financial, managerial, organizational, research, human, cultural, external and systematic factors, and fifty-five indices, we proceed to evaluate the present status of innovation management in Mapna Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Company (PARS); considering the results, the human, managerial, and cultural factors are relative desirable while the other factors, i.e. financial, organizational, external, systematic, and research ones are undesirable. Also, among the indices, the highest priority belongs to the organization leadership style, the rate of organizational support of creative employees, the senior management support of innovative activities; and the lowest one belongs to the available scientific resources, the transformation of implicit knowledge into explicit one, the new products development, the interactions with suppliers, universities, and technology developments.