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Understanding and application of science and technology play a vital role in societies success. Incremental importance of science and technology as the base of development in all dimensions – lasting development- has paid special status to the general understanding contexts and discussions such as science and technology philosophy, futurism, and management of science and technology. Besides facing challenges and respecting global rules, effective players of the world competition scene try to improve their status through defeating all those hardships and turn every opportunity to competitive advantages. Science and technology policy making is a guide and supervisory tool to assure accomplishment of science and technology targets, and through such achievements it would enable the society and our organizations to access competitive advantages, and finally would provide the power of wealth creation and overall development. Without science and technology policy making, development would be a difficult task and even might be devastating. This paper intends to express the essential, logical and fundamental relationship of science and technology policy making at national level. Also such policy making is applied to national development strategies, necessities, and approaches to dynamism and progressive toward creation of wealth.


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