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Innovation power evaluation in national level is an introduction to policy making in this domain. For this reason, far-reaching studies have been done, and different models are presented up to now. By reviewing the presented models in the world and also the steps taken in the country, this article tries to present an indigenous model for evaluating innovation power of I.R. of Iran. On this base, a few of these models –with emphasizing on the presented ones for under developed countries- are studied first. The comparison among the models shows that all of the effective components in innovation for evaluating are not studied in some of the models; therefore, they can’t evaluate systematically the effective components of innovation in national level. Hence, this article has presented a systematic conceptual framework for evaluating the innovation power by reviewing different approaches, summing up their weak and strong points and also taking into account the considerations on the indigenization of the country arising from economic, political and social characteristics of I.R. of Iran. Since it has been tried to present a systematic model, the innovation components have been evaluated in four groups of input, output, process, and environment components. In our suggested framework, it is tried to establish a clear picture of the weak and strong points of innovation system for policy makers.


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