Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty Member- Manager of Statistics and Simulation


Whereas the use of computer simulations in engineering science began over half a century ago, only in the past decade have simulation theory and technology made a dramatic impact across the engineering fields. In this article, we studied the potential impact of advances in Simulation-Based Engineering Science, or SBES, on Science and technology, and Identified major challenges and obstacles for the further advances. In part one, (Due to the large numbers of issues, the article was written in two parts), we considered the significance of SBES as a base for tomorrow’s Science and Engineering, decribed some of the remarkable applications that brings big benefits to society, and made some suggestions. In this part, we surveyed subjects such as challenges, barriers, and opportunities in SBES Research, including 1) The Challenge of Multiscale Modeling and Simulation, 2) Verification, Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification, 3) Dynamic Simulation Systems, Sensors, Measurements, and Heterogeneous Simulations, 4) New Vistas in Simulation Software, 5) The Emergence of Big Data in Simulation and the Role of Visualization in SBES, 6) Next-Generation Algorithms and Computational Performance, and 7) The impact of SBES Education for Tomorrow’s Engineers and Scientists.


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