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Dairy industry is one of the most important markets in which progress and improvement in machinery technology, also benefiting from experts’ experiences, development in nutritional industries majors, and scientific progresses available in this matter have created a very competitive environment. As a result, each of the companies for entry into the dairy market as well as self survival protection needs to enjoy a series of indicators such as: financial ability, a mighty, assiduous, and pioneer R&D sector, scientific and expert marketing, scientific and systematic distribution and sale management, educated, experienced, and undertaking staff, a definite occupational improvement procedure, and also occupational security in order to adapt itself to the environmental changes easily. This paper through a case study of Kalleh dairy firm as one of the active companies in dairy industries, using survey methods, place studies as well as determination of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats based on SWOT method has presented apt strategies for the aforementioned organization as an example of dairy industry in the country. Then the presented strategies are prioritized through the method of Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM). On the basis of obtained results, Kalleh dairy firm is situated in a competitive condition (variety of product), so it is necessary to codify and execute apt strategies to reinforce and support internal processes


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