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Abstract The recent phenomena of the most exciting and controversial battle management, business process re-engineering is known as a phenomenon that words such as "Re-Design", "Innovation Processes", "change management""Restructuring" and "Information Systems Development" is introduced Studies show that a number of important research in recent decades has grown significantly; But research in the field of quantitative survey (only 3%) is allocated among the nearly half of them Run and focus on information technology, human resources or a small number of studies have re-engineering strategy and reengineering field modeling, survey research has been done Vacuum measurement of reengineering research in the area of ​​performance evaluation on the one hand and the other hand to identify this as the most facilitating the re-engineering of business processes, the need to focus on the field of literature makes full Rngtr Therefore, this study focuses on the human factor as the most important foundational step of reengineering steps, trying to establish performance criteria for digital libraries For the purposes of this study, based on survey results among the leading professionals in the field of digital libraries has been re-engineered. This study consists of four areas • Function and use of digital library users and staff of the Institute of Information Technology • use digital library software • networking • software design digital libraries digital library The fact that these areas are defined as areas of engineering activity in the development of digital libraries are. Re-engineering for better understanding of the criteria and provide a model for evaluating digital libraries at the end of this article The importance of this paper are based on Information Technology Institute of Digital Library Software has been studied.