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Head, Analysis & Surveillance Office, Pasteur Institute of IRAN


Technology, whose importance to domestic economic development has been widely recognized, has become one of the main strategies for competition across nations. With the fast pace of technology development worldwide, there is a growing trend to rise in knowledge-based economies, notably in IRAN. Accompanied by economic globalization, the rising trend of globalization in technology enables the rational allocation and flow of the elements of technology without restrictions, allows the sharing of technological activities, and the space flow of technology more frequently. Technology has made a huge impact on economies and societies through technology transfer, which is regarded as an essential step for technology to have a social and an economic value. However, technology transfer has long been the weak link in establishing a national innovation system and is a great handicap for improving the self-innovation abilities of businesses because of the lack of proper mechanisms, regulations, and policies. To promote knowledge flow and technology transfer, it is important to fully utilize governments, colleges, scientific institutions, and businesses to explore and improve the effective mechanism of technology transfer. Starting with the concept of technology transfer and its mechanism as the main theme, several technology transfer issues, such as properties, effects, and various models, are discussed in this article.


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