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Abstract Evaluating the technological capabilities of a company enables the high-ranking decision makers to identify the weak points and strengths of the company and pave the way for making decisions regarding the development of technological capabilities. In fact, technology evaluation is instrumental in fostering better understanding of the technological abilities of the firm and consequently, helps managers in deciding about it. Therefore, to develop and apply new technologies require evaluation of the existing technology. To make it possible, different models have been presented for evaluating the level of technological capabilities. In this paper, we have evaluated the technological capabilities of Iran Transfo Company in threemajor and 98 minor dimensionsusing Panda and Ramanson evaluation model. To determine the extent of the effects of each minor dimension (Indexes) on the company ability, first the interactions among factors that influence the technological capabilities are determined through Dematel Technique as scores and then, these scores are ranked based on ANP method.


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