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Today's the main concern for many manufacturing organizations is that, they cannot engaged in an activity that accustomed to it (For example, utilization of existing resources and capabilities), and the ability to perform other work on their own (For example, the discovery of new opportunities) at the same time. It is difficult to achieve such a transformation, and it requires serious attention to building the capacity of ambidexterity in the organization. On the other hand, creation, growth and success of spin offs (as a form of commercialization) affected by ambidexterity capabilities of the organization. The aim of this study was to investigate the role of ambidexterity in creation, growth and success of spin offs. This paper explore the role of capabilities of the spin offs in the field of discovering new opportunities and exploiting existing opportunities, in the success of this type of companies. Findings show that the five function of small and medium businesses, involved on success of spin offs. These functions include Adopt an ambidextrous leadership style, Outsource one of the two functions, Attract and retain employees who can both explore and exploit, Attract executives who can act as leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs and Shift resources across projects regardless of whether their goals are to explore or exploit.


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