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Director of Planning & Development


Science creation is known as the main base of knowledge development and initiates creating jobs, technology and wealth in the society. One other considerable subject in the world of science and technology is innovation and invention in the mentioned field. Today, the bibliographic data of patents, are known as the most important data resources, in technical and technological fields. Valuable information are given to managers and researchers from patent data analysis which are applicable in different level of organization and research units such as policy support, infrastructure and implementation of research . Since this analysis, has a significant effect on optimized decision-making process, for managers, in the technology transfer and related applications, in this paper, the status of the three indicators of technology life cycle and consequently the cost of patent analysis and application software Logletlab2 and function as well as logistic growth, target market (automotive industry of Iran), to enhance the organization's decision-making power and gain competitive advantage, market share and increase bargaining power in negotiating technology transfer businesses without cost and in the shortest possible time, a model for ranking method AHP, for the three types of technology brake system (ABS, EBA & EBD) is presented.Consequently, the rating of the first rank, ABS, EBD second and third EBA indicated that due to the high risk of investing in emerging technologies, research and development of less interest to the automotive market in Iran.