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Appropriate evolution of the technological position in the future of industry would be significant for managers for a tailored investment in emerging technologies. The benefits of these evolutions are to make a sustainable competitive advantage and superior position in the industry futures of firms. In the meantime, the technological life cycle as a tool to predict the future of technology, can provide valuable information of appropriate technologies. The information with regard to environmental changes and natural limitations can make a bright future for technological orientation of the firms. Since the use of the technological life cycle model to predict the position of technology in the future is often faced with difficulty, it cannot accurately predict and quantify the state of the technology life. Therefore, in this paper we have tried to use Hype Cycle’ Gartner Research institute in order to cover the limitation of technological life cycle and by using a combination of the above method, a model of identifying the best technology will be offered. The Hype Cycle will introduce the transition of new technologies from beginning to rise and fall and the actual position of technology. In this paper technology of 3D printing will be discussed using hype cycle.


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