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Universities and industries are of the most important and influential institutions in social development and economic growth of societies. Therefore, relationship between industry and university due to it’s positive effects and outcomes in technological, economical and social transitions, always had been considered by university and industry managers, policy makers and decision makers, and plenty of efforts had been done in order to develop effective linkage between industry and university. In our country, both in theory and practice fields, great efforts had been done to shape dynamic and effective collaboration between industry and university. But until now, an appropriate and effective scientific and technological collaboration between industry and university has not been formed, because the solutions and mechanisms designed to transition from obstacles and challenges are ineffective. So, given the undeniable importance of industry and university collaboration and in order to enhancing the level of our understanding and cognition from university and industry relationships, we try to review the historical trends, main streams, goals and motivators, obstacles and challenges, mechanisms and factors effective on industry and university collaboration. Finally, the relationship between university and industry in Iran is investigated and some challenges, mechanisms and suggestions have been mentioned.


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