Document Type : Research Paper



Nowadays, economic enterprises activities have been deeply affected by rapid changes in technology. In fact, economic prosperity, industries and companies are dependent on utilizing the technology appropriately. Today, organizations need high strength of adaptation and flexibility in order to not only can endure an inconsistent environment, but also achieve efficiency. In this study, the effect of technological dynamism on operational efficiency with the manufacturing flexibility mediation has been studied. A questionnaire is used as an instrument to collect data that are provided by experts and managers of 101 manufacturing companies in Rasht province. The validity of questionnaire was confirmed through the theoretical foundations and its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach's alpha. For the data analysis, structural equation modeling technique (SEM) with the approach of partial least squares (PLS) was used. The results show that by increasing flexibility, a more effective response can be given to technological changes of environment and a better operational efficiencies can be obtained.