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mazandaran university of scince and technology


Ever-increasing developments in business environment, rapid changes in markets and increase of competitiveness have made the role of innovation to be highlighted in economic growth and development process of organizations and to create competitive advantage for them more than the past. An important part of the company research in innovation process always involves generating new ideas that have commercial capability. In order to generate new and innovative ideas, the perspectives towards new product must be extended. Integration of various customers in the early stages of the innovation process-it is called the front-end of innovation (FEI) - can lead to innovation success and creativity increase. As a result, in this paper by reviewing literature, we present a new model of customer-based innovation through synthesis and development of valid models, which by focusing on front-end of innovation, it integrates simultaneously the customers of competitor companies, and customers of other industries (marginal ones) in addition to the customers of the company, in order to generate creative ideas about new product. On the other hand, using such an approach will not be possible without openness capability and applying the open innovation paradigm. The purpose of this paper is to design a systematic model so that managers can enter the next steps of innovation process with confidence about new product success in front-end of innovation.


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