Document Type : Research Paper


1 faculty of Tehran university

2 faculty of Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education

3 faculty of amirkabir university


The purpose of this research is to present a comprehensive model for commercialization the university research findings to cover the different commercialization cases as far as possible, and to empower the stakeholders involved in this area in order to response the questions ahead.
The components of the research proposed model are recognized by comparative study of commercialization models of the world universities, and also by the survey of experts’ views in this area. This research is an applied one with a comparative method, and its statistical population including 73 universities from five continents which were selected by purposive sampling method. The final model was presented to 37 experts in order to be validated. This study is focused on the comparative survey of commercialization models of 73 world universities; and it offers an improved one which can be useful in increasing the productivity of commercialization mechanism of the country universities. While utilizing the advantages of all the models, this new one lacks of disadvantages of the other previous models. Its design has been done in such away that can help those who are seeking practically the university commercialization action. Its comprehensiveness considering the new models of foreign researches (functional not process one) from one hand, and paying attention to criteria and factors obtained through domestic researches and interviews with the experts from the other hand, are the reasons of superiority of this model with respect to 73 models studied during the research process.


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