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The design of structures of organizations has become a critical problem in today's business. Without consideration of necessary variables and structural dimensions, this may lead to undesirable conclusions. In Iran what has the most influence in the design of structure, is the mechanical thinking in engineering, regarding coordination and control by automation. However, from a literature review we can deduce that even the applied sciences need more criteria for measurement and evaluation in proportion to organizational structure. Therefore, the benefits from involving the parameter of technology in the design of organizational structure of corporations would increase the productivity and efficiency of them and could play a significant role in the economy of the country. The main goal of this report is an investigation of the impacts of technology on the organizational structure of corporations and offering some applied suggestions based on the obtained results. Considering the mail goal of the research and the general model describing the effects of necessary, conceptual and adjusting parameters on organizational dimensions, the overall result of this research is determined based on a regression analysis of the situation of organization in dynamic and non-dynamic spectrum.


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