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In today's situation, it is difficult to forecast the far future based on the strategic planning. Unexpected events like a tsunami will destroy the foundations of policies and long term strategies. Because of these conditions the organizations will face to a fundamental contradiction: at one hand, the strategic planning is necessary. For without the long-term strategies there will be no room for optimum management of resources and investments. At the other hand, the foundations of strategies and long-term planning are also unstable, because the long term forecasts does not have sufficient credibility for a 20, 30, 50 or a longer period. It is irrational to overthrow the strategic planning. Thus we must find a way to resolve this contradiction. Robust planning can afford a solution for this major problem. Based on this type of planning we can plan for a very long horizon, even for the next 100 years, the tsunami of changes could not break down the foundation of these long term strategies. Strategic planning for the long term horizons in the domain of science and technology gains a doubled importance, for investment in these areas will yield its benefits very late. If the policies and strategies of the country or its sensitive industrial organizations would be vulnerable in this area, or in the other word would not be robust, the future of the country will be in serious danger.


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