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The increasing spread of technology in human life has brought with it various types of pollution in the environment and destroyed its balance and proportionality. There is no logical attention to the category of environment and its relation to the advancement and development of technology in Iran. At the same time it is reasonable to assume that the basis for sustainable economic growth and development lies in conservation of natural resources and the environment. There are some different strategies in our country for unsustainable development that will cause non-uniform development and extra waste of resources. In general, without comprehensive and accurate planning, industrializing and industrial growth will have unpleasant and irreparable consequences. In this paper the different dimensions of technology development, advantages and harmful effects of technology and technology development in European countries were discussed firstly and then, the use of environmental management systems was introduced. For one of the common regulations in European Union is the Environmental Impact Assessment regulations, an explanation of these regulations and the guidelines of wastes economy and international protocols seems necessary. At last, the effects of environmental initiatives and other problems of the environment of Iran will be reviewed briefly.


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