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What is Technology? How is the relation between man and technology and what are their mutual interactions? There are numerous definitions and explanations for the above questions. According to the common conceptions, technology is equivalent to the instruments made by human and that the technology advancements could lead us to the "utopia", but it appears that we now are in a ruin world or "dystopia". In contrary to the old and popular conception, technology may not be merely a tool. As some expand the concept of technology in different areas such as thinking, the process of accomplishment, the conclusion of impacts and the results, some also assume an essence for it that is different from the technology itself. According to some of the philosophers, technology has a neutral value and depending on how we use it, it acquires different values. This means that these philosophers don't believe an essential value for the technology and they involve only the subjective factors in valuing the impacts of technology. On the other hand, some consider an essential value for the technology and associate some disadvantages and defects to its essence. In this paper we will try to give the definitions of technology from different viewpoints and identify its characteristics and specifications based on the viewpoints of Abdolkarim Soroush and Jacques Ellul.