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Having studied the technology condition and its consisting elements, the subjects such as technology from Islamic point of view, the effective factors of technology and scientific retardation in Islamic societies, technology definition, technology transfer and development management, technology life cycle, strong and weak points, infrastructures and the required steps were discussed (quarterly no. 7). In the second part, the strategic design and planning of technology development were studied and a pattern was presented for strategic planning based on Islamic values and believes after studying the system of values and believes, environmental conditions, objectives and strategies, policy makings, planning, performance and the way of inspection and control (quarterly no. 8). Nowadays, the presence of motivated, creative, trained, and able researchers is the primary necessity of every institute for technology development, considering human resources as the most important institutes' resources. The management of human resources development is a new concept whose appearance dates back to not more than three decades. In this article, the management of human resources development in the institutes for technology development, their structures and the stand of human resources management, the compilation process of objectives, strategies, policy makings, and the performance of human resources development strategies, the process of recognizing, attracting and educating the human resources work force, the evaluation process of performance and reward, the compilation of human resources step growth programs, the effective factors in establishing innovation, creation characteristics, and responsibilities of human resources management, are studied and discussed. Finally, some recommendations for each of the important domains of management of human resources development, the need to be professional in human resources management, the evaluation management of performance and reward, the relations and connection between manager and employees, are presented.


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