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It must be considered a pre-determined future and long-term planning for an organization. In order to achieve an appropriate strategic planning, it is highly recommended to identify important technological parameters which can influence on organization future. Technology forecasting as the first step of the technology planning, provides the necessary information in order to select an appropriate technology. To do this, some of the important parameters such as future environmental and technological changes, life cycle and natural limitations of technology are concerned. In addition, it should be noticed that the chief manager support of the organization can influence on technology planning implementation effectively. In technology- based organization, technological parameter identification of the competitors is necessary besides current situation assessment of our organization in order to overcome the competitors. In this paper, first, the initial concepts of technology forecasting have been investigated. After that, information applications and their relation with the proposed strategic planning have been explained. Finally, to achieve a suitable methodology, an assumed model, some methods of forecasting and some important recommendations have been presented.


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