Document Type : Research Paper


In the era of "professional work and rapidity of its performance", it is very important to note that the players should know the principles, rules and regulations of the game very well. It should be noted that there is a complete difference between working more intelligently and working more or harder. An intelligent work means the maximum usage of possibilities, equipment and time; the latter is the most important among all. The article is a realistic view over this subject; in fact it is the result of the study, research and finally the expertise sessions held by the elite in this field (for three years) with the presence of different car electronics in not too long ago. The aim of this article is not to open up the theoretical backgrounds, but it is going to provide a perspective, though briefly, in the field of car electronics and utilizing the pattern in their suitable stand in order to make this view practical (from electronics point of view, suggested methods for upgrading home-made car production). Nowadays, governments are trying to control the amount of toxic, dangerous and harmful pollutions production by the ecology rules and regulations. Of course, in these societies, considering their limited resources in huge economy, it is an undeniable necessity to save as much fuel as possible from one side, and considering the possibility of satellite connection and suitable communication infrastructures, a car is not taken as a mere transport means from the other side.