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The first part of this article already presented (in quarterly no.7), was devoted to the study of the past state of technology and the recognition of its elements, there, the technology from Islamic point of view, the effective factors of scientific and technology retardation in Islamic societies, the necessity of reforming the motion path by using the knowledge of scientific rules and returning to our Islamic self, were discussed. Also, different definitions of science and technology, technology transfer and development management, different types and components of technology, technology life cycle were studied, and the strong and weak points, infrastructures and the necessary steps needed for technology growth and development, were specified. In this part, the strategic designing of knowledge and technology development discussed, and a pattern is represented for strategic planning within the framework of Islamic values and believes. The objective, strategies, and policy makings are compiled and performed after environmental and contained study of knowledge and technology development and its analysis within the system of values. Therefore, the strategic plan of knowledge and technology requires the performance of the five steps below: • Specifying the system of Islamic values and believes considering Holy Quran, prophet's and Shiite Imams' movement, and historical experiences. • The study and analysis of knowledge and technology inside and outside of the country • Determining the objectives, strategies, and policy makings within the framework of Islamic system of values and believes. • Performing the compiled strategies and policy makings. • Supervising and controlling the exact performance of knowledge and technology development


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