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In this article, the general concept of development, in a broad sense economic, political, cultural, and technology development, is used. From Iranian thinkers' points of views, two assumptions can be generally observed in this respect: - Specific development is merely realized after its general concept (technology development, for example) - There are not only connections but harmony among different aspects of development. Different stand points about development in Iran can be divided into three groups, at a general glance: 1. Foundation- Oriented view: In this, thinking and cultural bases of development are valid compared with their manifestation, and there is a generative connection between the bases and manifestations of the development. 2. Production- Oriented this view: Firstly, the product can and development is interpreted positively in view and secondly that product and should be obtained, adapted, extended and deepened mainly by decision- oriented considerations. 3. Separation- Oriented view: This view neither thinks merely of development product nor considers generative connection between bases and their manifestations. But it separates the base and the aim of development from each other, and economic from political development; or it considers the development from science nature, and science in modernism as a privileged component too.


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