Document Type : Research Paper


The last achievement of the word community on the way of releasing from underdevelopment and upgrading the development at the national, regional and world level, is the development based on knowledge and wisdom; it has attracted the attention of the country policy makers and planners at huge level in the form of the twenty- year perspective and the fourth development plan. By giving priority to the (implicit and explicit) academic institutions of development and the economy resulted from, this kind of development underlines the synergy of academic and nonacademic institutions. Paying attention to the strong and common value bases of human community based on the self organizing theory and through the integration of science, technology and ethics, is the main point in designing and performing this development. Also, the developed countries look on the entrepreneur university as the main core and strong hand in realizing this kind of development. This university is the outcome of a few hundred years of university changes, and also of the combination of education, fundamental research, applied research, and technology development effects in order to realize the continuous technologic innovation, the effective performance, and the efficiency of national (world) innovation system. Wealth, fair welfare, sustainable employment, and upgrading the physical and psychological level of work setting, environment, and life environment are brought about by continuous creation and development of value-based knowledge. To realize and upgrade the entrepreneur university processingly and performingly, the most important social, cultural and economic role is the effective connection among industry, university and the government. By transferring most of the state roles to industry and university, these two would be the most important institutions in establishing and developing the entrepreneur university, the national innovation system, and finally the knowledge- based development. It is hoped this article which is the combination of a university research, PhD dissertation and scientific industrial experiences would be useful as a step towards the realization of the twenty-year country perspective.