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This writing consists of two parts; the first part includes studying the previous condition and the knowledge of the technology elements in which technology has been introduced from Islamic point of view and a pattern for knowledge and technology development in Islamic system. Also the effective factors of scientific and technology retardation in Islamic societies are discussed. Considering the deviations made the necessity of correcting the motion path of scientific and technology development is discussed by applying the knowledge of scientific rules and returning to our real selves. At the beginning, the different definitions of science and technology, management of technology transfer and development, different kinds and components of technology, technology life cycle and the effective factors in technology growth and development are discussed, and the experiences of the other countries are used. Strong and weak points, infrastructures and the required steps to grow and to develop the technology are specified then. Long term perspective is required for a strategic planning which has been prepared fortunately in recent years. Now it is necessary to compile and to perform a strategy or a general plan for the development of scientific and technology researches which are the second part of this writing. In this part, environmental conditions, the definition of compilation objectives and the performance of strategy and policy making in the direction of twenty – year perspective objectives and industrial development objectives are discussed by representing a pattern in brief.


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