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After reviewing the mutual relation between technology development and production, this writing explains the necessity of paying attention to production development as a bed for technology development. With this introduction, it proceeds to the formation of consumption dissipation trend and the increase of imbalance in production and consumption after the Islamic revolution outbreak. Since the aim of revolution is a desired change in the domain of actions and there is a mutual dependence between political and economic revolution, achieving an economic revolution depends on Cultural Revolution outbreak. The acceptance of achieving the objectives gradually and the acceptance of eclectic in performance as an Islamic index of the course of the affairs and continuous change in regulations and software of managing the society associate the evolutional path of the society, surely by maintaining the direction of increasing Islamic index. In this writing, the materialization of forward motion of society in the domain of practice is explained as an evolution of Cultural Revolution, and the production and technology are represented as a bed for cultural development. According to the above description and stating the dependence of three domains of politics, culture, economics on each other and also considering the imbalance made between production and consumption, the new balance is not in consumption reduction but in increasing the production, and in regard to the ineffectiveness of the motives in capitalist system for production increase, religious motives can be taken as production support and consumption modification. Finally, referring to the wide and deep religious knowledge about production, and practical conduct of Immaculate Imams (peace be upon them) to be satisfied with the minimums for themselves and in producing for other's use in large scale, the way this conduct performed in today society is considered.


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