Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Kurdistan

2 MSc of Business Administration, University of Kurdistan

3 MSc of Marketing Administration, University of Kurdistan



According to scientific development programs in recent years, there has been a significant growth of scientific production in the country, but what can tie this growth to the sustainable development of the country is the use and commercialization of these scientific achievements for the betterment of society. A society with a leading and knowledge-based industry needs to target and understand effective groups. How the university and industry work together, defining the plans of each party and the key points for the relationship to be effective are very important. To this end, using the experiences of leading foreign institutions and universities and their implementation models and, most importantly, the thinking behind the implementation of these plans, will be an important indicator for policy-making and targeting of domestic universities. This research is applied in terms of purpose because its results are applicable to both industry and universities and can provide the basis for increasing bilateral interactions between academia and industry. The method of data collection in this research is library studies and meta-combined type and the main focus of researchers is on the study of applied studies that has led to successful interaction between industry and universities. The results showed that in order to increase the university's interactions with industry, there are seven factors: 1- Recognition of internal activities 2- Joint actions 3- Effective communication with industry 4- Communication with companies and government institutions 5- International relations 6- Entrepreneurs and start-up businesses 7 - Focus on social responsibility and communication with the community.


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