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Rapid changes in economic institutions, rapid growth, and environmental uncertainty has led some of the other issues discussed are very important innovation in organizations.Innovation has an important role in achieving competitive advantage, especially in the insurance industry has to be competitive, it is significant.In this study, the literature and summarize research and expert opinions of assessing the number of 42 indicators of innovation management in the insurance industry to identifyAnd by developing a questionnaire with Likert scale and effectiveness of the indicators of the industry experts surveyed universities and On the decision making criteria and was accepted after screening 32 index. These indicators form five main factors:1-Organization2-sterategy3-process4-system5-technology,Were classified by experts,Using smart PLS factors have been analyzed ,And finally using AHP factors were prioritized.The pattern is designed in a successful innovation management in the insurance industry, according to all five factors are essential and lack of attention to some factors in successfully managing technological capabilities will be diminished.


Main Subjects

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