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Emerging Knowledge bases economies has brought about a very intensive competition at global markets. This has led to dramatic changes in regional socio- economic structure. To this developing countries have to adopt proper science and technology policies responsive to international changes. In this respect, the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology has proposed the debates on science and technology fundamental issues; the said debates have been scrutinized by offering different plans, reengineering educational, research and technology systems and by socializing science and technology regarding methods and techniques of planning, and different approaches in arenas of science and technology, and by applying the results of world attempts the results of these debates and discussion have been gathered us a collection of strategic plans, one of which is the plan of technology development system of the country whose concise study phase is done the general condition of science and technology in the world and Iran is allocated in the first part of this collection; and in the other parts of it, the definitions and concepts related to technology development system, system components including the hardware and software support, and the component of sublime management system are considered. Some of the important components of software support are then explained including institution, legal framework, human and financial resources. Two structural and contextual documents as a result of these collection studies are compiled at the end of it. The structural document of technology development system consists of the subjects about: the characteristics of technology development system of the country, basic definitions, supporting factors and components of the system, high level of management of technology development system, the principles dominant over the system and its fundamental specification. National obligation, mission and division of labor general planning of the system and its structure, and then the strategies and legal requirements have been next explained. The contextual document of technology development system consists of the word challenging subjects from aspects of: technology development, quality evaluation of technology development, main indices of technology development, indices status quo and general policies of technology development, and also the general and strategic plans of technology development system of the country for the years ahead.


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