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1 Allameh taba tabayie university

2 Faculty member of the Faculty of Management and Accounting, Allameh Tabatabai University

3 Faculty Member, Department of Management and Accounting, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Tehran.

4 Faculty member of Malek Ashtar University of Technology



Despite numerous regulations related to science and technology in the upstream part of Iran's oil industry, but these efforts have not been identified in a coherent manner, and the results of their impact on improving the levels of technological capability have not been studied. In this study, while examining the concepts of technological capability and regulation, the framework of regulating laws and regulations at the macro (national), medium (industry) and micro (enterprise) levels on the technological capabilities of the upstream part of the Iranian oil industry was demonstrated. According to the purpose of this study, it is an exploratory, descriptive and applied qualitative study that was conducted by semi-structured qualitative interviews with 14industrial and scientific experts up to the theoretical saturation stage and was analyzed by phenomenological method in the Grounded theory methodology. The results showed that the law of tenders, as a transparent platform for competition, is effective on the level of technology acquisition capability, and the law of maximum internal power, which is supported by the oil industry vendor list instructions at the industry level, on technology exploitation and compliance.The Law on Support of Knowledge-Based Companies with an Emerging Paradigm is effective at the level of technological innovation.


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