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Nowadays, the need for food security is one of the most important global issues. It needs more careful consideration, understanding, and planning in developing countries. Thus, the food security in developing countries such as in Iran requires new strategies and methods in food production and supply. One of the ways to increase production, quality and to reduce waste and losses and perform different operations timely and correctly is the use of new technologies and updated machines. In addition to these, one of the most key and updated domain is mechatronics engineering and intelligent systems. Therefore, taking the advantages of this new opportunity in the field of engineering to pass and change from the usual mechanization (purely mechanical) into biosystems can lead to the improvement of the production systems and accelerating the processes. Before this, an advanced knowledge and critical understanding of the essential requirements such as proper recognition, applications, and challenges, are needed to use and continue the application of emerging technologies or develop the new methods. Thus, this article aims to introduce modern technologies and understanding of these domains, the importance, application and challenges associated with mechatronics engineering in agro-industrial development and other linked areas.


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