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The effective factors in technology development process are demand and supply sides of technology and the interaction among related factors such as: motives, abilities, and the institutions which create knowledge and utilize it. In different schools, the theoretical bases of technology development process are considered and also concept and evidence of technology are studied and discussed by economists after the classical period as follows: the economists who followed the method of classics' along with a little changes formed the theory of Neo- classics'. Technologically, this theory can be divided into neoclassical production, neoclassical innovation and endogenous growth theories. The second group is the economists who followed Shompeter's revolutionary theory in the field of economic and social development which formed a theory named "evolutionary economics". The followers of this theory are classified into two groups which are called Institutionalism and naturalism. Shompeter has developed two different theories in connection with technology development; these are known as "creative destruction" and "creative accumulation" pattern. The national innovation system theory is indeed the evolved traditional innovation theories. With the help of a historical analysis and by using new innovation theories, Freeman has shown that the subsystems such as R&D organizations, industrial institutions, and state organizations in interaction among each other and creating an organizational framework bring about technology innovation development.


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