Document Type : Research Paper


1 Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI).

2 Sharif University of Technology-ACECR Sharif University branch

3 University of Beheshti- College of Engineering Abbaspour


Distributed generation has recently become a common source of energy because of spreading of big cities, high cost of installing new power networks, placement issues and many other problems. There are various technologies in distributed generation but due to limitations in national resources and other obligations, setting an order of precedence for these technologies is of high importance the purpose of this paper is to analyze the appeal of distributed generation (DG) technologies assuming energy subsidies have been stopped by the government. This is a subject of multi-criteria decision making which could be solved by various decision techniques. Analytic hierarchy process is employed in this paper, regarding its advantages, to analyze and prioritize the distributed generation. Entropy analytic hierarchy process is used for uncertain viewpoints of decision makers. Results of the research show that this method is a useful and effective tool for considering uncertainty in MCDM problems.


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