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Increasing use of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions increase, the rise of oil prices, world industrialization growth, and the reduction of the present fuel resources have led scientist to look for their alternatives. The huge, renewable biofuels resources with less pollution are considered as the viable ones. In this regard, many countries such as U.S. A. and Brazil are mainly producing and using these fuels now, and many others have planned and set targets to do so. Of course, the production and use of these fuels compared to fossil ones have several advantages, disadvantages and outcomes. In this paper, the necessity of paying attention to the production, and the use of these fuels are discussed along with the advantages, disadvantages, and their consequences. Finally, by explaining the necessity and importance of the production and the use of these fuels, various criteria are specified for comparing these two kinds of fuels in planning and goal setting in this respect. Considering the presence of different criteria for comparison, and different options for goal setting, it is necessary to use the Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) techniques to compare these two fuels in order to set the suitable target for the countries (including Iran) which have not planned in this area seriously.


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