Document Type : Research Paper


The Connected Vehicle Technology project involves various stakeholders. Since every stakeholder has various concerns and requirements and may have a different idea about the project, we need a variety of motivational methods to involve them effectively. Hence identifying and classifying the project stakeholders properly in the very first step and then analyzing the stakeholders and their motivational methods according to their requirements and capabilities, is a significant task. In the most of the time, identifying all the different groups of stakeholders is difficult while we can have access to some samples of them. In this case we need to make sure that these samples of stakeholders are good representatives of them and will lead us to the key clusters. Therefore in order to identify and classify the stakeholders we've made use of their samples in this paper. Experts have mentioned some of the project's stakeholders and their properties, then the stakeholders and their descriptions have been provided using the deductive methods. In order to classify the mentioned samples k-means approach has been used. Parallel to this quantitative approach, value chain analysis has also been employed for identifying and classifying stakeholders so that the accuracy of clustering could be evaluated and compared using value chain analysis method.