Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Industrial management, Faculty of social sciences, Imam Khomeini International University (IKIU), Qazvin, Iran

2 Assistant Professor, College of Farabi, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Qazvin Islamic Azad University


Today, the development of social networks has affected many aspects of life, so studying social networks can help businesses in many cases. On the other hand, research and development is important in companies and especially in the company being studied. This research, considering the importance of the two issues of social networks and R & D, explores the relationship between social networks, technology relations and information security efficiency with the performance of research and development projects at the Development Company of MAPNA. For this purpose, a questionnaire of 19 questions was distributed among 196 employees of the company and the results were analyzed using PPS software. Research results have shown that social networks have a positive impact on R & D performance and information technology relations, as well as the protection of information and technology relationships can also have a positive effect on the performance of research and development.


Main Subjects

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