Document Type : Research Paper


Connected Vehicle Technology (CVT) as a new generation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is rapidly growing with various pilots in progress. In some countries various applications of this technology has already been implemented. Since this technology is relatively new and each country has its own individual situation, identifying the upcoming challenges and requirements for applying this technology beforehand (i.e. prior to the implementation phase as a nationwide project), is a critical task that requires special attention. In this study some global initiatives and relevant projects that have been performed in various countries are introduced, afterwards the requirements for implementing this project in Iran have been identified and investigated briefly. Based on the global initiatives performed in 20 countries and more than 50 projects, various challenges, requirements and key approaches for dealing with the relevant issues in 4 main technical, managerial, operational and legal areas have been investigated. According to this study 24 requirements and prerequisites for implementing this project in large-scale and specifically in Iran, have been identified.