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Upon three aspects of economy, culture and politics, this article has studied the social base of the present technology. Economically, need order production is performed by the pole of wealth production meaning companies and banks and economy as a command of technology production defines the production direction. Culturally, it proceeds to produce need equation or. Other words, the definition institutes. Politically, it also undertakes the guidance and organizing the necessity, and proceeds to organize the necessities through political parties and governments. Consequently, through the cycle of economy, the emergence, changes and development of technology start with the aim of wealth production, and its change into information, science and knowledge would be continued by cultural division and finally, its guidance and organizing would be concluded in political division with the intention of authority production. Due to the value and moral identity along with the structure of the necessities in an Islamic society, the technology development can not follow such a process. Therefore, it requires a new planning to lead the society towards evolutionism proportional to the values.


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