Document Type : Research Paper


Information technology is one of the most growing technologies of today, which has deep impacts on social, cultural, economic, scientific and political aspects of our life. This technology is being developed in the developed countries based on their policies which are driven from their political- economic vision. Studying the policies and criteria of development in our country and comparing it with the same issue in the developed countries can show us some of the challenges that we may face with in the future. In this paper the following issues have been discussed: 1. Development and its criteria. 2. IT development from ITU point of view. 3. IT development vision statement for I.R. of Iran. 4. The fourth 5-year development program of the country. 5. IT policies stated in the 4th program. 6. ICT development in Europe. 7. Proposing criteria for IT development in I.R. of Iran. In this study it is shown that the criteria for IT development in the 4th development program must be dramatically reviewed.