Document Type : Research Paper


Telecommunication systems market had experienced different ups and downs in the last decades and most of the times faced complex circumstances. There were severe disorders for these systems during last years; but even now, by appearance of "Mobile Internet" technology and ever-increasing growth of companies which produce practical software's for 2.5th, 3rd and 4th generation of mobile telecommunication, plenty of questions and problems have come into existence. The 3rd generation of mobile telecommunication in Europe and UMTS; its brilliant star, create a financial, technical and legal source of crisis for American and European operators (Governments and users).The Existence scenario of the 3rd generation is the result of created changes and transformations, so that the predicted slow evolution of 2nd to 3rd generation has converted to a hard and serious competition. Most of the operators in the world have doubts and hesitations whether the UMTS services are money making or not. The 3rd generation of mobile telecommunication has some limitations that make the entrance to the 4th generation, inevitable. In the 3rd generation, maximum data rate for users is only 2 megabit per second. By introduction of new application concept which has too much bandwidth; this bit rate is not satisfied.