Document Type : Research Paper


Technology development planning is one of the basic components of strategic planning in any organization. Undoubtedly technology is one of the main assets of any organization and its development make the organization's values and wealth. Research activities would cause technology growth, product improvement and innovation establishment in the organization. In order to organize the research units, it is necessary to recognize and classify the different fields and subjects of research activities. Different structures were experienced and reported for organizing research units which have been studied in brief. Architecture of applied science and technology can be a guideline for research unit arrangement in the organization. On this base, different aspects of applied science and technology must be identified and through a comprehensive view toward the varieties of the objects and subjects, the roles and missions should be defined and their units organized. In this article, an experienced model has been introduced for classifying the information and knowledge of the organization, through which the architecture of research units will be discussed too. Planning, organizing, role identifying and coordinating of research units all over the country may be counted as a great step in the country knowledge and technology development, and provide the necessary background for the growth and flourish of knowledge based economy. It is hoped the present article show a clear and secure way to achieve this goal.