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1 VP of R&D

2 university faculty


One of the fundamental factors in the failure of exploiting technology to achieve competitive advantage in firms of developing countries is the lack of awareness and recognition of their technological capabilities and applying them towards the comparative advantages. Organization survival in the competition field, the high importance of technology development and its use have led organizations to identify and evaluate their technological capabilities. Furthermore, they proceed to identify technological progresses in the world and monitor competitors' efforts to acquire new technologies for improving their technological capabilities. On the other hand, technology evaluation is one of the extremely important tools in the span of technology management which is utilized to detect strengths for measuring technological gap.
This article assesses the technological capabilities of Mapna Generator Engineering & Manufacturing Co. (PARS) on wind turbine and detects the available technological gap by using Panda and Ramanathan models. These models evaluate the corporate capability level from different aspects and determine the status of the company in each of them. This approach can be the basis for defining technological improvement projects.


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