Document Type : Research Paper


Development based on knowledge requires the national policies and strategies of science and technology to be determined. The selection of a suitable technology change pattern from among international known patterns along with specifying and compilation of a native pattern of technology change, is prerequisite of the mentioned policies and strategies. This pattern specifies the way of production, development and technology application, and its relation to science, industry, market, and generally to the society, economics, and culture. In this article, the selection or compilation of the technology change pattern concerning the available condition in Iran is studied. In this respect, first international patterns of technology change such as inventors' pattern, linear pattern, and request- based pattern, and strong factors and the conditions of their appearance and accomplishment, are enumerated. Then the environmental relative privileges are studied till the proportionality of each of the mentioned patterns to the country's atmosphere can be distinguished. The result of the study is that: first, none of the known patterns is adapted to the country's conditions and the necessary factors and backgrounds are not completely fulfilled. Second, some of the required factors and backgrounds for materializing some of the patterns are available in different degree. Therefore, two options are conceived for determining the technology change pattern: Among international patterns, the most suitable one is to be selected and the policies and strategies of the development of national science and technology are to be determined in such a way that the factors and conditions are fulfilled for materialization of this pattern. The native pattern of technology change is to be compiled by using the experiences resulted from international pattern accomplishment. To follow the subject, considering the relative environmental privileges of the country, the general plan of the native pattern in technology change is proposed.