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What steps truly does the process of technology development consist of? And, what characteristics does each of the steps have? And, what kind of trends can be taken by the management of a plan proportional to our perception of these steps? In fact, we face every day with different trends and techniques in technology management and we are naturally willing to obtain concise information about them in preliminary steps. In this article, you will get acquainted with "the levels of readiness" trend in technology management and it is hoped that by spreading this knowledge, which is achieved by its application in research projects management, some of the benefits of using this trend can be enumerated in the following forms: Determining the specification of technology in every level of readiness Specifying the level of risk in every level of readiness Determining the role of each of the players in technology arena in every level of readiness Representing the pattern of research credit distribution indifferent levels of readiness Determining the bottle- neck technologies in systems.